RacedayFuel Ambassador: Julie Toole - Cyclist, lover of adventure and nachos

RacedayFuel Ambassador: Julie Toole - Cyclist, lover of adventure and nachos


RacedayFuel AMbassador Julie Toole - Gravel Cyclist, endurance athlete, super-mom

Meet, Julie Toole.

Toronto-based cyclist, adventurer and super-mom.

RacedayFuel ambassador!

Julie is a proud mother of two girls, and a midwife working in health policy and bioethics in Toronto, ON. We are proud to welcome her back for another year with the RacedayFuel team. Julie is one of the longest-standing RacedayFuel ambassadors - she has been with us for many years!

A lifelong lover of movement, adventure and the outdoors, Julie has dabbled in many different sports and activities over the years. Now, her core focus is on endurance - pushing her limits on gravel, both competitively and recreationally.

When Julie isn't tearing up gravel, she loves to cook and knit, and dreams of learning to fly fish! She is very conscious of how she fuels in her endurance pursuits and day-to-day.


Julie Toole, RacedayFuel Ambassador, gravel cycling.

As I age, I am working on respecting my body and adjusting my goals, training and fueling to keep getting the most out of myself and hopefully supporting many more years of excellent adventures.
A big goal of mine right now is to train and push limits sustainably. Load management and recovery seems to be a more important factor and trying to figure out the balance and treat my body with the respect it deserves.”


We caught up with Julie for a little Q&A:

RDF: Tell us about your favourite past event/trip/race/active vacation:
JTHard to choose one... I did the 200-mile (now named) Unbound Gravel event in 2015. It was before “gravel cycling” really blew up. It was the most challenging day on the bike (long hike and bikes in the mud, stopping for the longest train crossing in America, running out of daylight, etc.) but I loved every minute. I felt totally engaged with the adventure all day. Had planned to return in 2020 but the pandemic delayed that plan to 2022. This year, for the summer solstice, I set out solo on my gravel bike at dawn and returned home as the sun was setting on the longest day of the year. There is nothing I love more than the privilege and gift of being to ride a bike, literally all day. 

RDF: What are your long term goals?
JT: Long term goals are to age as actively as possible, to chase big adventures (lots of destination stage races when travel is a thing again), both on the gravel bike and off. To continue to raise active daughters to be confident.

RDF: What does a typical weekend look like to you?
JT: Mix of training/racing/adventure, family-life, and planning.

RDF: Favourite food?
JT: I could eat nachos every day! 
RDF: Least favourite food?
JT: Pickles! When people offer you a glads of pickle juice at an aid station…no thank you!
RDF: What was your biggest accomplishment of 2020:
JT: Biggest accomplish was adaptation, figuring out that I have way more capacity to adapt than I thought. As structures around me fell apart, I intentionally attempted to distill aspects of life right down to the basics of what is important to me and my values and find new ways to meet those needs and achieve in those different aspects.
This involved changing structure of work life, training, raising kids, adventuring in nature, community. I discovered adventure and athletic challenges in my
urban area, trail ran and mountain biked trails in the Don Valley more than ever, paddled in Lake Ontario and discovered new nature oasis’ that I had never considered even after 2 decades living in the city.


Catch Julie on the Don Valley or Leslie Spit trails of Toronto, cranking in Durham, or occasionally in the Madawaska Valley.

Welcome to the RacedayFuel Team, Julie!

Curious how Julie fuels? Check out her athlete profile here to find her “Top Picks”.

While you’re at it, fuel up with 10% off when you use Julie's promo code JULIET10.

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