RacedayFuel Ambassador: Lyall Chalmers Runner, cyclist, rad-dad

RacedayFuel Ambassador: Lyall Chalmers Runner, cyclist, rad-dad

Lyall Chalmers RacedayFuel Canada Ambassador from Victoria BC.


Meet, Lyall Chalmers.

Victoria-based runner, cyclist and rad-dad.

RacedayFuel ambassador!

Lyall was born and raised in rural Alberta, on a farm just outside of Edmonton. He is the youngest of 4 kids.

Working as a cook for over a decade, Lyall gets it when it comes to good food, and the understanding that something doesn’t have to taste awful to be good for you - His fueling and hydration choices reflect this to a "t".

Now a red-seal mechanic for Landrover & Jaguar in Victoria, BC, Lyall moved to Vancouver Island in 2009, where he lives with his wife, Amanda, their daughter and dog. He started running 2 years ago on both road and trail, and enjoys cycling, cyclocross and most recently, bouldering at his local climbing gym.

RacedayFuel Ambassador Lyall Chalmers finishing a road race in BC

“First, I’m an ultra runner. Second, I’m a cyclist. Within the last year I’ve completed a marathon, a solo 50km trail run, the Yeti 24hr challenge, and a 100 mile bike ride. I finished top 20 in the virtual TC10K, virtual Bear Mountain 10k, and the Frontrunners Covid Classic virtual half marathon.
I started running in my 30’s. I’m a competitor and a fighter. I work my ass off and don’t quit. I’m all in on becoming a better athlete. I continue to try new sports, push my limits and learn how much I can accomplish.
Love the adventure. Love the challenge.”


We caught up with Lyall for a little Q&A:

RDF: What was your biggest accomplishment last year?
LC: I ran my first marathon distance, solo and self-supported.

RDF: What are your long term goals?
LC: Be better. A better athlete/dad/husband/son/brother/person. Just be better. Grow, learn, make mistakes, get stronger, fail again and keep going.

RDF: What does a typical weekend look like to you?
LC: On Friday at 5 I ride home from work. The bouldering gym just opened by my house, and that is going to become a Friday night staple. Saturday and Sunday mornings are for long runs and if it’s a recovery week I like to try and sneak a ride in. I try to take my daughter on some kind of adventure: the beach, the bike park, the woods. Somewhere outside. Saturday night is movie night. Time for just me and my wife to hang out. A good weekend includes dinner on the beach. The rest is running errands and doing projects at home.

RDF: Tell us one neat fact about you that doesn’t come up in typical conversation.
LC: I’m a podcast & audiobook junkie.

Catch Lyall running and riding around Victoria, and south Vancouver Island, at the Victoria Landrover & Jaguar dealership shop, or climbing at Boulder House.

Welcome to the RacedayFuel Team, Lyall!

Curious how Lyall fuels? Check out his athlete profile here to find his “Top Picks”.

While you’re at it, fuel up with 10% off when you use Lyall’s promo code LYALLC10.

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