RacedayFuel: Winter Warmer Guide 2023

RacedayFuel: Winter Warmer Guide

Many athletes tend to let their hydration and fueling habits slip as the seasons change and the cold weather sets in. Snow and ice don’t tend to inspire thoughts of a refreshing drink of lemons and limes after a hard grind.

Fall and early winter are busy times for sure. And sorting out a cold weather hydration and nutrition plan might seem like excess work you just don’t want to tackle amidst the hustle and bustle. But you might have more fueling options in the cold weather than you think…

When you fuel up with RacedayFuel, you certainly do.

Presenting: the RacedayFuel Winter Warmer Guide - the “what’s what” on winter fueling with Canada’s favourite source for everything hydration and sport fueling.


We don’t tend to think about hydration in the winter as much when we’re grinding outdoors. The cold weather can have a knack for making us think we don’t sweat as much and we don’t need to hydrate the same - Not true. Hydrating effectively is still an important consideration for your ride, the slopes, or wherever your adventure takes you.

In the cold sweat is pulled away from our bodies faster, so it may not feel like you’re working as hard when you don’t get that bead of sweat running after a hard push. But, between the cold, dry air, and those layers you’ve got on which are (hopefully) designed to wick moisture away from your body, you just don’t feel it.

But your body will be feeling it in other ways before long. Don’t let dehydration slow you down during or post-ride.

Skratch Labs, for example, brings us some great, tasty ways to stay on our A-game in the cold.


Skratch Labs Sport Hydration Mix: Fruit Punch

Skratch Labs Fruit Punch Hydration Drink Mix from RacedayFuel Canada

We know what you're thinking... "Hot fruit punch, are you mad?!" Well... we just might be, but so are a lot of Skratch Labs Fruit Punch drinkers. Don't just restore those lost electrolytes, but add some new snap to your cold weather routine.

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Skratch Labs Sport Hydration Mix: Hot Matcha Green Tea & LemonSkratch Labs Matcha Green Tea and Lemon from RacedayFuel Canada

For those who like a little extra pep in their step, Skratch Labs Matcha Green Tea & Lemon is a fan favourite served cold, but a game changer when made hot during the cold months. Warm up, hydrate and gain a little extra “go” with 16mg of natural Matcha caffeine (per 16oz serving).

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When we think about what we can eat in the cold the scale is pretty broad. Define cold, right? Different foods and products react differently in different temps. Some freeze fast, some don’t. And the rest are somewhere in the middle. Below is what we keep in our kit when we tackle the outdoors in the winter, as cyclists, ice climbers and skiers.


Skratch Labs Cookie Mix

Skratch Labs Cookie Mix at RacedayFuel Canada

Who can say no to a cookie? So when a cookie comes as action-packed as these, you'd better pack 2 (or 4... or... 5 - one for a friend... right?). At 130 calories per cookie when made plane, out of the box, the possibilities are endless for how to style your next adventure.

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Untapped Maple Energy Gels

As always, maple syrup, for the win, Canada. A maple gel can hold its own when the temps drop, allowing you to get that extra boost of energy exactly when you need it without the fear of not being able to chew when your energy chews harden up. Untapped offers a variety of flavours to help not only replenish your energy, but your spirit, too. Fuel up and get set for those next big turns in the backcountry.

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Untapped Waffles

Untapped waffles from RacedayFuel Canada

It’s hard to keep an energy bar edible at -28C in the backcountry, there’s no denying that. But what about... a waffle? Do they get a bit stiff? Sure do. Are they inedible and hurt to chew? Nope! Like their maple gel counterpart, Untapped waffles are slim enough to fit in a pocket if you want to keep them inside your jacket. They have a similar profile to your phone (Because we know you have that too… Strava or it didn’t happen, right?), and pack a satisfying punch that only a waffle can.

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Recovery & Feel-Good Fueling

Skratch Labs Sport Recovery: Chocolate, Strawberries & Cream, or Horchata

Skratch Labs Recovery Mix: Strawberries & Cream from RacedayFuel Canada

Nothing beats a cozy warm drink at the rink or trail-side on a long ski or fatbike day. So why not double up your cup of happiness to get that recovery in motion? Skratch Labs Sport Recovery makes an excellent treat when heated. Make it a hot chocolate (we have Vegan chocolate, too!), a creamy coffee, or a smooth horchata latte to unwind and start your recovery so you can get out and do it again tomorrow.

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Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration Mix

Skratch Labs Wellness drink mix from RacedayFuel Canada

Not a hot drinking option. But one that will be your best friend this season after those big exposure days. Hydrating while you ride or shred is key, but some days you just need a little extra replen after the biggest days. Skratch Labs Wellness is the ticket. Also great for keeping up those electrolytes when you’re sick, or… recovering from a little too much fun the night before. Feel good, with Skratch Labs Wellness.

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Special Mention

Thinksport Safe sunscreen SPF50+

Thinksport Safe SPF 50+ Mineral Sunscreen

Ever had a bad sunburn after a long day out on the water? Sucks, right? Well, did you know that snow is more reflective of UV radiation than water is? Even on cold cloudy days the snow is still kicking UV rays back at you, making you more susceptible to sunburn in the winter. So why do so many folks not use sunscreen in the winter?

Thinksport Safe Sunscreen was the first sunscreen to pass the Whole Foods Premium Care Requirements. Its mineral formula uses no harmful chemicals, no Avobenzone, no Oxybenzone, and no UV chemical absorbers.

Beat the rays and max out your days this season with Thinksport.

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Your winter kit just got a whole lot tastier, didn’t it?

Keep up to date on more tips and tricks to beat the cold this season. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and be sure to join our email list to be the first to know about the latest news, product updates and a winter warmer recipe or too.

See you on the slopes!

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