RacedayFuel Ambassador: Chris Panasky - Bikepacker, podcaster, family man

RacedayFuel Ambassador: Chris Panasky - Bikepacker, podcaster, family man

Quebec-based bikepacker and RacedayFuel ambassador, Chris Panasky


Meet, Chris Panasky

Chelsea, QC-based bikepacking guru, podcast host and family man.

RacedayFuel ambassador!








You may know Chris from such podcasts as "Bike Tour Adventure Podcast", or such websites as www.biketouradventures.com and www.bikepackadventures.ca.

That's right! Chris is "Mr. Bikepacking".


With an unshakable travel-bug, Chris has traveled to over 40 countries, and lived in 6 of those. But even when he's rooted at home in Chelsea, Quebec, he's still clocking some mad travel time.

Chris took up triathlon about a decade ago, in search of new challenge. Having spent his whole life on a bike he was looking to shake things up a little. After 7 years of amateur tri and duathlon racing he shifted his focus back to bikes. This time set on gravel biking and endurance cycling. Chris set out to start crushing some of Quebec and Ontario's bikepacking route FKTs - Known specifically for setting new FKTs on the BT700 and "Log Driver's Waltz".

In 2019 he launched the "Bike Tour Adventure Podcast" to share his love and knowledge of bikepacking with the world. He has interviewed other cyclists and tourers from around the world - and likely some from your own back yard.

Next came www.biketouradventures.com and www.bikepackadventures.ca. A way to share his experiences and create an inclusive community when other bikepackers could source info, share their own routes, and educate new cyclists on where to go and how to get started - Chris was off to the races (literally).


RacedayFuel AMbassador Chris Panasky, Quebec bikepacking cyclist
But, it's not all bikes all the time. Chris is a family man through and through. He is a husband and a father who believes firmly in the proper balance of work and play, and strives to be the best role model he can be every day.

We caught up with Chris for some Q&A:

RDF: Which Loony Tunes character best describes you?
CP: Probably a combination of Wile E. Coyote and Daffy Duck.. I don't give up very easily, but also love to joke around and make people laugh. That's probably what makes me such a good elementary school teacher.

RDF: What does a typical weekend look like for you?
CP: Weekends can get pretty busy for me. Aside from spending time with my wife and newborn daughter, I try to get a workout done in the morning I also spend some time working on Bike Tour Adventures or Bikepack Adventures related stuff. In the afternoons I usually take the dog out for a long walk, get some shopping done with my wife and then I try to get on the trainer in the evening for some intervals. Some nights in the winter I might head out for a XC ski instead.

RDF: Tell us about your favourite past trip.
CP: In 2020 I bikepacked from Vancouver to Whitehorse to Winnipeg over 34 days (29 riding). It was just me every day on my bike, meeting interesting people, and seeing amazing sights. While in one way it was probably the most challenging undertaking I had ever done, with long days on the bike, dealing with extreme heat and occasionally massive Prairie storms, overall, it was a time of peaceful contemplation as I slowly make my way home.

Tell us one neat fact that doesn't typically come up in normal conversation.
CP: I once walked upon the walls of a 6000 year old mud-brick castle in an Iranian desert.

Favourite food?
CP: Banana Leaf and ob goosht

Be sure to check out Chris's podcast - "Bike Tour Adventure Podcast" - and keep an eye out for him on the trails around Quebec and eastern Ontario.

Welcome to the RacedayFuel Team, Chris!

Curious how Chris fuels? Check out his athlete profile here to find his “Top Picks”.  

While you’re at it, fuel up with 10% off when you use Chris's promo code CHRISP10.

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