Tanya Deeks

"I am an athlete, a wife, a fur mom,
a professor of Economics, and a multisport coach."

Name: Tanya Deeks

Discipline: Triathlete, Cycling, multisport coach

From: Cornwall, ON

Facebook: @UnleashTheBeastMultisport

Instagram: @alphabeasttanya

Twitter: @alphabeasttanya


"As an athlete, I love pushing myself to see what my body can do. It is not a social thing, it is a personal journey.

The more technical the sport the better as it allowed me to learn how to fine tune technique and find efficiencies. I find the mental side of sport fascinating and challenging. For me, sport needs to be fun but also a challenge.
The harder the workout the better yet I appreciate the rest days where I can just go play in the woods.

Being an athlete has always been a part of me. There is no separation. My father was a hard core skier his whole life who put me on skies the minute I could walk. Sport was a part of our lives and playing different sports was the norm.

I have been honored to represent Canada twice at the Cross-Triathlon World Championships and I am hoping to go to the Xterra World championships this December. I love coaching and teaching as I love seeing people grow and learn new things or do things they didn't think possible.

I am a huge nutrition advocate and believe that success (in life, sport, academics) starts with proper nutrition.

I love nature, camping, and being off grid but sadly I don't get to do enough of that. I'm happiest on top of a mountain with my dog on a beautiful fall day."

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