What is Skratch Labs Clear?

What is Skratch Labs Clear?

We've all been there...

It's hot, you're epically pumped, and all you want is cold, crisp, clear water.

But you know the push isn't over yet and you need to replen those electrolytes with more than just water.

What if you had a choice in how much salt and electrolytes you could intake to only get what you know you need? And what if you could do it with only the flavour of a squeeze of citrus?


Skratch Labs Clear


Skratch Labs Clear hint of Lemon hydration mix from RacedayFuel Canad


Designed for runners, cyclists and all athletes who crave the simplicity and clarity of pure water, but who know they need to add a little something extra to maintain full performance - Clear was designed to be the simplest, easy-drinking, all-day hydration solution Allen Lim could create. Imagine the refreshing and rejuvenating feeling from drinking spa water with just a hint of lemon, but with salt.


Skratch Labs Clear was designed to maintain its light flavour profile no matter how much (or little) you add to your bottle. Letting you focus on what matters - re-hydrating and crushing the next leg, not what your drink tastes like. Only add as much as you need to replenish your lost salt.


Skratch Labs Clear hint of Orange rear packaing at RacedayFuel Canada
"Athletes kept asking Allen for a sports drink with less flavor
than our Sport Hydration Drink Mix. They had flavor fatigue
and were craving crisp, cold water on hot days. This sparked
a new challenge for Allen to make a drink mix that tasted as light
as water but still had the benefits of a high-performing
sports drink.

So Allen did what only Allen can do — he hit the lab with a
Clear vision to make water even better, while retaining its essence
and adding just the right amount of electrolytes and the lightest
amount of citrus flavor.
Skratch Labs’ Clear Hydration Drink Mix replaces the
electrolytes lost in sweat in the clearest, lightest-tasting,
and most refreshing way. Easy on the gut and virtually
tasteless, it allows athletes who prefer the taste of water
to effectively hydrate all day long without flavor fatigue."
- Skratch Labs     
Skratch Labs Clear hint of Lemon rear packaing at RacedayFuel Canada             
Skratch Labs Clear comes in two subtle flavour profiles - Hint of Lemon, and Hint of Orange - and both will be available from RacedayFuel!
On sale and shipping Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

$24.99 - 240g bag
$20.00 - 8 x 15g singles

To sign up for automatic in-stock email alerts for Clear click here to head to the Clear product page now, select your flavour profile and click "email me when available".
Skratch Labs Clear hint of Lemon single serve from RacedayFuel CanadaSkratch Labs Clear hint of Orange single serve from RacedayFuel Canada
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