New Brand Announcement - UnTapped Maple Energy

New Brand Announcement - UnTapped Maple Energy

You know the importance of clean fueling. And you know that maple syrup is one of the best sources of natural energy out there (and if you don't, let's chat asap!).

But have you considered that gels aren't the only way to take in the syrupy goodness?


Untapped Maple Energy

Maple syrup gels, waffles and a maple hydration solution. This Vermont-based trio packs a lot of punch, bringing you new ways to get the maple kick you want and need.

Available from RacedayFuel July 26, 2022 - shipping Canada-wide.




Are you ready to level up on you maple game?


Untapped Maple Energy Gels at RacedayFuel

Untapped Energy Gels

Here it is. Pure maple syrup. All natural energy. It’s ready to go wherever you go. The perfect alternative to traditional, gooey, sticky, gels. Maple Syrup is water-soluble and has the macronutrients you are looking for in sports nutrition, naturally occurring. No more licking that chemical-laden, peanut butter like substance from the roof of your mouth.

$37.95 / 20 x 30g single serve packets

Available in: Maple, Coffee, Salted Raspberry or Salted Cocoa


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Untapped Mapleaid Hydration

Untapped Mapleaid Maple Hydration at RacedayFuel

Past winner of Runner’s World Gear of the Year! Untapped Lemon Tea Mapleaid is made with unrefined, pure maple sugar that has the minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants to make it an ideal athletic fuel. The crisp citrus taste comes only from real lemons while organic black tea provides a natural caffeine boost. A touch of sea salt rounds out this simple, delicious, portable take on the classic drink.
Directions: For 1 serving, mix 1 scoop with 12 ounces of water and shake.

$28.95 / 453g resealable bag

$34.95 / 16 x 23.6ml single serve packets

Available in: Lemon Tea or Ginger


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Untapped Maple Waffles at RacedauFuel

 Untapped Maple Waffles

The result of delicious taste tests and the answer to pleas of “I need a waffle with my syrup!”, the UnTapped Maple Waffle has its roots in the Dutch stroopwafel but is sweetened and flavored exclusively with real Maple syrup and Maple sugar.

$40.95 / box of 16

Available in: Maple, Coffee, Raspberry, Cocoa, Chai, Lemon.


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Are you ready to level up your fuel?

Are you ready for Untapped?


Available July 26, 2022 - Tell your friends!

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