Pranin Organics - PureFood C

Pranin Organics - PureFood C

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PureFood C is a vegan Vitamin C powder made entirely from 100% organic fruits and superfoods, making it easy to get high quality, concentrated vitamins and minerals from whole food sources. 

The organic amla berries and moringa leaves in PureFood C are excellent sources of whole food Vitamin C, one of Mother Nature’s powerful antioxidants. 

Adding one scoop of PureFood C to water, juice, or your favourite smoothie every morning will give you the Vitamin C you need to support your immune system, give you antioxidants to decrease inflammation, and help keep your hair, skin, teeth, and gums healthy.

We don’t add in any binders, fillers, or synthetic ingredients into our products (yuck!). We like to keep things pure, simple, and au natural by just using plants to give you quality vitamins and minerals. Plus, you also get the naturally occuring fibre, phytonutrients, amino acids, and enzymes to support absorption. BONUS!

Add one scoop of PureFood C to water, juice, or your favourite smoothie recipe first thing in the morning to get a healthy, energizing serving of Vitamin C from fruits and superfoods.

42 gram jar, 30 servings.

    All ingredients are 100% Organic

    Amla berries and moringa leaves. 

    Each serving of PureFood C contains:



    Daily Value

    Vitamin C

    409 mg



    10.7 mg



    0.62 mg


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