Hockey Nutrition

“Good nutrition accounts for 50% of my performance, with 40% being mental and 10% being physical.” - Hayley Wickenheiser


A pre-game snack (1 hour before game time) is critical to avoid feeling hungry during the game, and serves to provide a tummy-friendly (no gut-rot) boost of energy without feeling full. Low-fat, protein and carbohydrate rich snacks are optimum.

Our preferred pre-game snacks are Gorilly Goods, Picky Bars and Kewaza Energy Balls.

Keep the pre-game snack small and not too close to game time to avoid sluggish legs and cramping, and to ensure that the energy from your snack fuels your muscles.

IN GAME (and in-between periods) - HYDRATE & FUEL UP!

To perform your best during the game, it's of utmost importance to appropriately hydrate (replacing lost electrolytes in your sweat), and maintain energy by adding carbohydrates. 

When it comes to electrolyte replacement, Skratch Labs is the answer. Freeze-dried fruit for flavour, simple sugars (easily converts to glucose for energy), and super-easy on the stomach...feel free to indulge!  

An excellent source of energy that's both delicious and extremely easy on the tummy is Endurance Tap. Convenient, all-natural (Maple Syrup, ginger and sea salt), and containing "smart" calories (no sugar spiking due to its 50/50 glucose & fructose blend).

Gorilly Goods, Picky Bars and Kewaza Energy Balls are also delicious options in-between periods that all stow easily in your hockey bag.  


Recovery is a fundamental element of practice and game time, but is underestimated by many athletes. It is of particular importance for those athletes who train/play multiple times per week as inadequate recovery can reduce the body's capacity to maintain high-volume and high-intensity performance. In the long term, this can lead to fatigue, illness, injury and compromised performance.

After the game, elite hockey players routinely reach for recovery formula's; our favourites are eLoad Recovery and Klean Athlete Recovery. This should be followed by a healthy meal consisting of fish or chicken, quinoa or rice, and ample fresh vegetables.  

Bathing is the final aspect of complete athletic recovery. Adding Epsom salts (also known as Magnesium sulphate) to warm bath water can help alleviate muscle pain, reduce swelling, relieve stress and improve circulation.

Magnesium is central to muscle regeneration, so it is no surprise that it's in great demand with the elite athlete. Stress and intense exercise deplete the body of magnesium making you more vulnerable to muscle cramps, body aches and grouchy moods after an intense game, and soaking in Epsomgel Athlete Recovery salt baths can help prevent inflammation and irritation in your joints and muscles. You can use this same warm solution to treat sprains, strains or sore muscles.