Happy Balance

For many years, I have been following a healthy and active lifestyle. My biggest weakness was always my sweet tooth! No matter what, I always felt the need to eat a sugary treat everyday. I started to notice that my mood would change shortly after I would eat these desserts. I felt like a different person, lethargic, moody and bloated. After trying many products in stores that seemed to be healthy, I was still feeling down. It took me months to figure out the best way to find a feel good treat was to look at the type of ingredients these treats contained rather than the calories. I was out of luck finding what I was looking for. One day I decided to take matters into my own hands! After some trial and error, I finally found a perfect mix of ingredients that not only tasted amazing, made me feel amazing. I could not wait to share my new recipe with everyone. I hope you all enjoy my treats as much as I do!

Mission Statement: We believe in the quality of food we eat! The first thing we always look at are the ingredients of the food we consume! If you can't recognize an ingredient, your body can’t either! Eat Better, feel better and happy treating!