Brix is authentic maple: natural and without preservatives!
  • BRIX is a source of energy easily absorbed by your body during an activity.
  • BRIX can help increase your resistance during long activity sessions
  • BRIX allows your body to recover by recharging your glycogen stores.
  • BRIX is also a source of potassium, an electrolyte that helps to balance the pressure of liquids in the cells which, in turn, will help maintain your performance.

Where does the name BRIX come from? BRIX is a unit of measurement that includes the evaluation of the sugar content of maple syrup. 

The higher the Brix degree, the more sweet is the sample (learn more about BRIX manufacturing). 

The benefits of maple

The maple source of electrolyte: During a considerable effort in endurance sports, potassium is lost through perspiration. Maple syrup is partly composed of potassium, calcium and   magnesium, so it fits well into the athlete's diet. The three minerals all work to help muscle contraction and relaxation.

The maple source of minerals: Maple syrup is a good source of zinc, one of the minerals also playing the role of antioxidants. Several studies show that zinc improves muscle metabolism and strength development. In addition, 60 ml of maple syrup provide 100% of manganese needs, enough to ensure an optimal intake of micronutrients.
The maple source of antioxidants: Each 60 ml of maple syrup contains a minimum of 4 mg of polyphenols. These antioxidants help reduce muscle fatigue if consumed before and during training. It could even be that their consumption after training accelerates recovery.