Aiya Matcha Japanese Green Tea

Premium Matcha Green Tea Since 1888

Aiya is the world’s leading Matcha green tea producer, headquartered deep within the Aichi Prefecture in Nishio city, Japan. Matcha is not only Japan’s most premium tea variety, but also a signature ingredient in the food and beverage industry. Since 1888, Aiya has been relentless in its dedication to producing the highest quality of Matcha as well as premium Japanese green teas.

Matcha is the oldest and most premium variety of green tea in Japan, extremely high in antioxidants, amino acids, and other nutrients. Since Matcha is made from grinding the entire tea leaf into a powder, it retains 100% of the benefits and nutrients the leaf can offer. For over 800 years, Zen Buddhist Monks have been using Matcha green tea as a meditational drink. Only a few dozen tea farmers in all of Japan have the knowledge required to product this exclusive tea.